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April 12th, 2018
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JMB Traction 292
PA Power Tool 9108
WMR Infinity 141
Connealy Guinness
Connealy Capitalist 028
Soo Line Motive 9016
Reg # 16752262

Our Capitalist calves have been thick with tremendous muscle and good structure.  He is a proven calving ease sire with solid numbers across the board.
He is also a cowmaker deluxe, his daughters are easy keeping with perfect udders and raise heavy calves. 

Andee’s favorite heifers to calve out for two years running!
PGC Long George 3116
Reg # 17031279

This is our first set of calves out of Guinness. We chose him for his moderate frame, stylish structure and thickness with solid carcass characteristics. His calves have stayed true to their sire.
Females are to be deep bodied, easy doing, productive females with excellent udder quality. We will be calving our first set out in 2019.
He also offers an outcross pedigree to most of the popular lines of the breed. Infinity
Reg # 17083470

We have used Infinity for several years. His calves number extremely well, combining calving ease with growth.
He currently ranks at the top of the breed for WW and YW as well as $W.
His daughters have been wonderful to calve out - 
        deep-ribbed, nice-uddered, and great disposition. Long George
Reg # 17738692

One of the favorite bulls ever raised at PGC. An Upside 547W son out of one of our best In Focus cows. He numbers well across the board, has an excellent disposition with exceptional feet and structure.
His females are nice uddered with a very docile disposition and calve like a dream. 

A bull that truly defines what our goal is for cattle at PGC.
Casey’s favorite females to date! Motive
Reg # 16568189

PGC has used Motive for several years for his outcross pedigree, excellent structure and perfect feet.
His daughters are moderate and uniform, with good structure and good feet. 
Another sire group we have really enjoyed calving out this year. Power Tool
Reg # 16381311

We have used Power Tool for his high accuracy calving ease and excellent numbering ability. His calves are high producing, with excellent temperment and eye appeal.
His females have been nice uddered, good footed and a joy at calving time.
Kim’s favorite females two years running! Traction
Reg # 17262374

We have used Traction for several years, and have not been disappointed. He sires high performance cattle with outstanding phenotype. Calves are stout made with good feet and structure.
He is a trait leader for Heifer Pregnancy, which we are using extensively for selection of replacement females.
His females are deep bodied, and easy to be around with good structure and   performance.
Another favorite in our calving lineup the past couple years!