Peterson Grain & Cattle
                          Kim & Nola Peterson   -   Havre, Mt 

We utilize artificial insemination in our entire herd and our herd bulls are selected with our A.I. sires in mind. Our sires are selected for their balanced EPD profile, good temperament and trait reliability. Our focus is on calving ease, strong phenotypic structure, gentle temperament and respectable carcass traits. 
Our goal is to deliver bulls and cows that are able to travel well in rough environments, maintain on forage, and hold up for years of productivity; easy to calve and easy to breed back, producing calves in the fall that will keep an operation rolling for years to come.

Our home in North Central Montana offers many challenges with extreme swings in temperatures and moisture patterns. Despite these challenges we love what we do and where we live.
We feed the bulls for the Northern Premier Sale at our family feedlot as well as several groups of replacement heifers for area producers. The bulls and heifers undergo a comprehensive prebreeding vaccination series and are freeze-branded with number ID’s. 
We strive to produce mother cows that are moderate and efficient in the harsh climate and feed conditions of North Central Montana. We focus on good udders, correct feet and kind temperaments. Our females are raised and bred to calve easy, be good mothers and produce enough milk to wean a big calf. We would love to show you around! 
Call anytime if you’d like to come see the feedlot or the mother cows. Sale Bulls Our Farm Home Visit our Sale Page...

April 14, 2016